The award ceremony, will also be attended by the President of the Court of Auditors Luigi Giampaolino

The Oleifici Mataluni, always in the forefront of legality issues, will be awarded a prize during the "5th Anti-Racket Day in support of legality and transparency", scheduled for Friday, November 16th, at 9:30 am, in the Hall of the Provincial Council of the Rocca dei Rettori of Benevento.

An important recognition, dedicated to "the Sannio that legally produces", which honours the work of the company based in Montesarchio (BN), recently protagonist of the Legality Week, which has raised awareness in the new generations, to fight the criminal infiltrations within companies and associations.

The initiative aims to promote a general reflection on the phenomenon of crime, support businesses, provide a detailed knowledge of the tools that the state provides in terms of prevention and emergence, creating a network of solidarity between regions, agenzie, local voluntary associations, social and class groups for a common culture of legality, putting together the quality products of the territory.

Vincenzo Mataluni, CEO of the Oleifici Mataluni - Olio Dante will be given the prize by Rosaria Pisaniello, Head of SIALP South and Islands, that will hand him the award for the entrepreneurial activity carried out within ethics and legality.  
The event – organised by the Union of Public Contract Works for the South, with the sponsorship of the Campania Region, Province and Council of Benevento – will be attended by Luigi Giampaolino, President of the Court of Auditors; the Senator Giuseppe Lumia, for Anti Mafia Parliament Commission; Edoardo Cosenza, Councillor for Public Works of the Campania Region; Sergio Santoro, President of the Public Contractors Regulatory Authority; Alberto Custodero, journalist of “la Repubblica”; Aniello Cimitile, President of the Province of Benevento; Pietro Iadanza, Councillor for Public Works at the Council of Benevento; Carlo Falato, Councillor for Culture and Innovation at the  Province of Benevento; Annachiara Palmieri, Councillor for Social Policies at the Province of  Benevento, and Danila De Lucia, editor of “Messaggio d'Oggi”.
Within the “5th Anti – Racket Day ” a certificate will be granted for their commitment to legality, compliance to rules and fight to criminality, to two Sanniti schools: the Liceo Scientifico “Enrico Medi” of San Bartolomeo in Galdo (BN) and the Istituto Tecnico Industriale “Bosco Lucarelli” of Benevento.
A special award will be given to the Council of San Bartolomeo in Galdo that on the last  30th  June awarded the honorary citizenship to Pino Masciari, a building entrepreneur from Calabria, who has been living since 1997 within a special protection program for his denunciation of ‘ndrangheta  pressures.


Mariangela Circosta ha detto…
Complimenti a quest'azienda per il premio ricevuto!!!!
edvige ha detto…
Bravi ciao buon w.e.
Ely ha detto…
Bello sapere che qualcuno vive ancora nella legalità! :) Che meraviglia! Un abbraccio dolce amica! :)

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